Taking charge after production

With our comprehensive services, producers can maintain sole focus on production and leave the rest up to us.


Continuum Energy’s proven track record of post-production services includes everything from well connects and gas marketing to contract negotiation and distribution. Our expertise in marketing gas for our producers is unparalleled.

  • Marketing
  • Contract Administration
  • Distribution
  • Gas Control and Nomination
  • Accounting

Continuum Energy’s wholesale division offers the most reliable and experienced management, scheduling, balancing and pricing of our retail units. Through the resources developed by virtue of our producer and retail relationships, we are able to provide a full array of risk management and optimization services—helping best manage our energy requirements right through the point of use.

Business Development Contacts

To learn more about our services, please contact our Continuum Energy Producer Services Business Development team.

Christy Spraggs

Senior Vice President, Producer Services


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